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ESTRO conference

Bogota, Colombia, January 30 - February 2, 2011

Course Directors

Michael Brada, Oncologist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London (GB)
Ben Mijnheer, Physicist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam  (NL)


Eduard Gershkevitsh, Physicist, North Estona Regional Hospital, Tallinn (EE)
Morten Hoyer, Radiation Oncologist, Aarhis University Hospital, Aarhus (DK)
Philippe Maingon, Radiation Oncologist, Centre Georges-François Leclerc, Dijon (FR)
Helen McNair, RTT, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London (GB)
Alessio G.Morganti, Radiation Oncologist, Catholic University, Campobasso (IT)

Guest Lecturer and Local Organiser

Dr. Armando Gaitan, Centro de Control de Cancer, Bogota (CO)
Dr Aurelio Angulo, Fundacion Clinica Valle del Lili, Cali (CO) 

Course aim 

  • To provide an overview of the developments in technical and clinical aspects of external beam radiotherapy
  • To focus on imaging for tumour extent & determination of tumour margins
  • To give the foundation of treatment planning and verification of 3D RT techniques
  • To explore novel RT techniques including intensity-modulated (IMRT), image-guided (IGRT), stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) and particle therapy
  •  To discuss implementation of modern RT techniques in a clinical department
  • To examine the value of modern RT technology using the criteria of evidence based medicine

Target Group

The course is meant for trainees in Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Physics with at least 2 years experience. However, any senior who would like to re-fresh part of her/his knowledge would benefit from this course. Radiation Technologists are also welcome.

Educational programme   

  • Key role of radiation therapy in malignant diseases, control, survival and palliative benefit
    Current evolution from 2D to 3D radiation therapy
  • Staging of disease – examples: lung, breast, head & neck
  • Tumour delineation: ICRU concepts
  • Defining the set-up margin: patient immobilisation and tumour motion, measuring geometric uncertainties
  • Examples of tumour delineation using CT & MRI: gastro-intestinal, prostate, head & neck, breast, lung and brain
  • Technical aspects of imaging for RT planning
  • Conformal RT planning: dose-volume histograms, plan evaluation
  • Intensity-modulated RT treatment planning: optimisation, constraints
  • Clinical application of complex techniques: breast, prostate, head & neck, lung
  • Planning case presentations
  • QA of planning system and data transfer
  • Verification of treatment delivery
  • Principles of dose calculation algorithms
  • Stereotactic radiotherapy & radiosurgery: brain, extracranial
  • Image-guided radiotherapy, tomotherapy, VMAT
  • Protons and other particle therapies
  • Principles of decision making, clinical needs, setting priorities: simulators, scanning, planning systems, networking, linacs, add ons…
  • Training in a department: infrastructure, staffing, maintenance, equipment, quality assurance
  • Principles of evidence-based medicine: breast, head & neck, lung and mediastinum, gastrointestinal, GU, CNS and paediatrics, palliative RT
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Location: Bogota



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